Laporte slams Rugby World Cup bid report

Laporte slams Rugby World Cup bid report

French Rugby Federation president Bernard Laporte has slammed World Rugby’s evaluation report which recommends South Africa as 2023 Rugby World Cup hosts.

The Rugby World Cup Limited Board (RWCL) on Tuesday unanimously recommended to the World Rugby Council that South Africa host the global showpiece. France were placed in second position and Ireland third with the decisive vote by the governing body’s council set to be made on Wednesday, 15 November.

But Laporte is unhappy with the recommendation and has questioned the accuracy of the evaluation report.

“We wrote to (World Rugby chairman) Bill Beaumont to point out several blatant errors,” he told Reuters on Friday.

“I don’t believe in bad faith. I rather think that it’s incompetence.”

South Africa were given an overall score of 78.97 percent in the report with France receiving 75.88 and Ireland 72.25 based on a selection of weighted criteria.

“How come we are less well marked than South Africa on hotels? They’re saying there are not enough hotel rooms in St Etienne,” said Laporte.

“They hosted Euro 2016 matches, there are 1,500 rooms there. It’s nonsense.

“We are not rated as well over doping because they tell us that we are too strict! On security, we have the same number of points even though there are 52 murders a day in South Africa. It’s crazy stuff.

“So we have written to World Rugby… to get answers to our questions and to get these changed, to have France placed in front.”