MLR  encourages you, the fans, to write your own articles. Here are some guidelines for submitting articles to Major League Rugby.

We suggest a minimum length of 350 words with a considered opinion, observation, theory, idea, gripe, statement, diagnosis, assertion, commentary, reflection, grievance, discovery or pronouncement. The goal is to develop an idea or opinion rather than simply raise a question.

Please keep articles to a length of no more than 800 words. If they extend beyond this limit, they may be edited for length.

MLR encourages supporting your text with images, video and audio files. You can send us a link to YouTube; or upload your own photos from matches.

As only the first sentence or two of the article will appear on the home page, it’s in your interests to give that first sentence a hook/angle that will lure readers to click onto the article and read the complete version. Therefore, do your best to give the first paragraph a concrete reference to the general thread of the article.

If you wish to pose a question to the other readers, you are more than welcome to do so, but in the context of an article rather than just a simple, forum-style discussion point.



MLR certainly supports different styles of writing, welcoming the work of the earnest, solemn and sober along with that from humorists, satirists and wits.

However, Major League Rugby will not publish any article that is deemed to be defamatory, racist, deliberately inflammatory or aggressive, and will not print gratuitous swearing. We also won’t publish articles which attack any of our contributors or promote products or intellectual property.

You cannot edit the article yourself once you submit it. Please do a spell check before submitting, and avoid using abbreviations and using all CAPS.

We at MLR edit your articles, but if you do spot a mistake, you can get I touch and we will fix it for you.

Finally – please keep a copy of your article, just in case. Why not start today?